There is a common saying “Home is where you have a loving family”. Often in the busy schedules of work and running home errands, keep us away from spending quality time with our family members. This in turn leads to lot of stress, miscommunication and other negativity. But it is important to ensure that one should be spending quality time with the family members and every time should come up with unique ideas to involve each member of the house. This way it leads to positivity and also builds up a strong communication foundation. There are various activities one can carry out to get together the family.

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Let us have a quick look at 5 home entertainment ideas that would be suitable for the family.

Movie Marathon:

Who does not love movies? We all do, right. Decide a day when the whole family would get together and watch movies during the entire night or on certain occasions. Every time you can come up with a different theme movie. For example, it can be a spy movie, superhero movie, fictional movie, or just a family favourite. There is a sea of choices to select from. In between the movies, you can also have a quick game or a trivia quiz relating to certain aspects of the movie. If it is something knowledgeable then you can ask questions to your kids so that it would build their knowledge level as well in a fun way.

Watching your favourite shows free:

The free TV antenna has provided opportunity to watch uninterrupted shows and movies which are absolutely free. For this all you would need is get a good TV antenna either indoors or outdoors. Once installed, you can sit back, gather all your family members and enjoy the show.

Playing cards or board games:

This is another popular way of engaging all the family members and having fun. They are pretty much interactive way of entertainment. Get the classic method of board games instead of the computer one, since this way you can also engage your kids. It would be a break for the kids from the screens. Board games also help sharpen the minds of kids. There are various games which are a combination of entertainment as well as skill development such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Battleship and so on.

Karaoke Nights:

Whether you are a bathroom singer or serious one types. Karaoke is for everyone. All you would need to do is get the lyrics of the song onto your computer screen or TV screen. Get the mic connected to the sound port and sing on your favourite song. This is really fun when you let that singer in you to take the centre stage.


A backyard camping is one of the best ways to bring on the weekend with the family. Just pop up the tent at the backyard space and it would serve as a mini vacation wherein you are free from all those gadgets. You can set-up a bonfire, get sleeping bags, and also setup a barbeque. Camping can also be made more fun with some games.

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