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From TV shows there has been a shift to the online streaming of your favourite shows. You can all gear up to watch your favourite shows online through any of your device. For this you would need to take subscriptions of streaming services that offer your favourite shows and movies. Since with a hoard of online streaming services crowding this space, there is a need to have a careful selection of the best one. Here we present to you some of the best online streaming services you can watch out for.


Netflix has been in this space for quite a while now and provides host of unlimited TV shows, comedy specials, movies as well as original programming. There are various plans you can opt for. For $8 a month you can watch your shows in standard definition just on one device at a time. This is their basic plan. If you upgrade for $10.99 per month then it would show in high definition and in more than one device for streaming simultaneously. There is another premium plan which is for $13.99 per month which provides for UHD viewing. Netflix stands out among the rest of its competitors since it does not charge any additional fee for removing the ads. It also allows you to download shows for watching offline. But you may get impatient waiting for their newer episodes once the show is aired. Also the old seasons are no longer available once the license expires.


It has multiple plans such as, for $7.99 you can have access to the Hulu Streaming library, for $39.99 a month you can have access to Hulu With LIVE TV plan that normally provides more than 50 live as well as on-demand channels that can be streamed on two screens at the same time. For those viewers who do not wish to invest in the cable subscriptions or HD antenna but at the same time need to watch latest TV shows can go in for Hulu. It also provides access to major of the network shows along with a couple of cable shows. The downside is there are frequent commercials and the interface is quite cumbersome.

Amazon Prime Video:

For those who have subscribed for Amazon Prime then you also get access to the Amazon Prime Videos. The monthly plan is for $8.99 and the yearly plan is for $99. With the yearly plan, you can get access to the Amazon Prime Video, free kindle book for each month, access to Amazon Music and Prime instant video which is unlimited. You can call this service as a place wherein you get buffet of all your favourite shows, movies and other programming. They also have good selection of children and comedy programs for their viewers. One of the downside is that they rarely get any brand new shows for their viewers and also it is not available on all the platforms.

These are our top 3 choices in terms of streaming services for users who would want to enjoy their favourite movies and shows. Apart from these, there are others such as Sling TV, PlaystationVue and HBO. However, one should note that you should be having good internet connection and keep a tab on the data limit.

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