Mover’s Guide to Antenna Installation

Moving from one house to another may seem to be excited but at the same time it is also a tedious job since there is a lot of things to pack up, ensure that it is sealed properly and also to check if they are all lifted from the old place and shifted to the new one. In this instance, if you are a TV user who views channels through TV antenna then you would need to also ensure that you shift your existing TV antenna properly to the new location.

  • Firstly, you should be disconnecting all the cords and cables attached from the antenna to the TV. Coil them up properly and place them in a safe place. Before you relocate, all of these cables should be in place and ensure that they do not get damaged in the shifting process else you would need to go in for a new one.
  • In case of indoor TV antenna, just packing the antenna in a box would ensure that it is safe and secure. You can place it in one of cartons along with the cables to avoid any mixing up. However, if you have an outdoor TV antenna, then care should be taken to unmount it, and bring it down. If it can be moved as one single piece, then there is no need for dismantling it since it would be a tedious task to assemble it again. However, if it cannot be shifted in single piece then probably you would need to dismantle each of the part and place it neatly in boxes so that it is readily available for assembling once the shifting is done.
  • Once all the items have been moved to the new location, you would need to find out the signal strength and in which direction is the broadcasting tower present there. This information would help in the placement of the antenna. This work can be done prior the shifting as well so that you can take necessary actions if the antenna you have is not strong and the location you are shifting to is far from the broadcasting tower.
  • Once all the necessary judgement is done, it is time to mount the antenna. In case of indoor antenna, you can find an appropriate location and get it set so that it starts receiving signals. However, in case of an outdoor TV antenna, you would need to carry out the whole process of assembling the antenna and then placing it at an appropriate location on the roof or the attic.
  • Once the antenna is mounted, connect one end of the coaxial cable from the antenna and then the second part on the TV input. You may need to drill the hole to get the cable inside the house if the antenna is placed out. Check the length of the cable before the installation process so that you can add on more if the length is not as per the requirement.
  • Once the connections and cables are in place, you can switch on the TV and carry out a quick scan of channels. It may not show up all the channels as it used it in your previous location. But it should up most of the major broadcasting channels based on your current location. If need be, you may need to adjust the antenna to get better reception signal.

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