The High Definition Multimedia Interface which is commonly referred to as HDMI is basically known to be a connection format which is also capable of transmitting high-definition audio as well as video signals. This can be done just by the help of a single cable. Digital Video Interface or DVI is known to be a format which has the ability to transmit high-definition videos. For those of you who have a device with the HDMI output along with a screen that is DVI input or the other way round then you can ensure that it converts among each of the formats just with the help of a DVI or HDMI adapter cable.


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The digital signals or the DVI basically comes in the same format as the video part of HDMI. The difference among them is that the DVI does not carry the audio signal unlike HDMI which does carry those signals. Hence it would mean that if you are making use of only the video signals then you can just get a simple DVI to the HDMI plug-in adapter. This would help in changing the physical connections. For those of you who want to go in from the DVI source along with the audio then in such cases you may need a converter for combining the video signals from the DVI source as well as the audio into the HDMI signals.

  • You would need to insert the HDMI part of the HDMI to DVI adapter cable into the HDMI port which is present on the device source for example a computer or TV screen. In case if it is a source device then the HDMI port would be located in the output section that is present at the back of the panel. In case if it is a monitor then the HDMI port would be located in the Input section of the device.
  • Now plug in the DVI part of the HDMI to the DVI adapter cable into this DVI port that is present on the device source or onto the TV screen.
  • Once the above two steps are done, it is time to turn on the screen or the device and then select the proper input mode which is present for your device screen. In case if the HDMI part of the cable is connected properly onto the screen then you would need to select the input mode as HDMI. In case if the DVI part of the cable has been connected to the device screen then you would need to select the input mode as DVI. Once done, the digital signals have been properly converted into HDMI or vice versa. Also the video signals would start to appear on your device screen.

Cord cutters can make a note of this and accordingly ensure that they receive HDMI signals with the help of the adapter. It is always better to carry out some research and then proceed with how the conversion should be done so that you can watch your favourite TV shows uninterrupted and in good quality picture and sound.

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